Would you like a sneak preview of your first dental visit with us? Take a look! 

Our dental office is located in a standalone building conveniently located near I-75 and I-285, off of Concord Rd. and Atlanta Rd.  

Parking is super easy because we have our own parking lot, and our building is located right off Concord at the beginning of a residential street. 

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by many smiling faces starting with Miki and Ana, who will check you in for your visit.  

We have a large waiting room with plenty of seating, including a comfy brown leather couch. You’ll see that the walls are painted a deep, calm, navy blue, which is Dr. Hosaka’s favorite color.  

If you get a chance, please fill out our new patient paperwork before your visit. 

If you have access to recent dental x-rays, please have your previous dentist in Smyrna send them to your personal email address. Then you can forward them to us. This is usually the easiest way for us to get your x-rays. Due to privacy laws, you may need to sign a form at your previous dentist, if we try to request your x-rays for you.  

For Patients Coming for a New Patient Exam

We are blessed to have two awesome dental hygienists, Kathy and Julie, who will take care of you at your first dental visit

After speaking to you about any dental concerns and consulting Dr. Hosaka, Kathy or Julie will usually start by taking your dental x-rays. The x-rays help us detect dental problems early before they become detectable with a visual exam.

When you sit down in our dental chair, you’ll see that we have a big screen tv set up right in front of you. If you have any favorite music that you would like us to play during your visit, let us know! 

We’ll also review any dental x-rays or photos that we take of your mouth on the TV.  

An important part of your initial exam is to check for any signs of gum disease. Your gums are the foundation of your mouth; the gums and the jaw bone underneath anchor the teeth in place. We’ll measure the small areas at the gum line, called gum pockets, to check for any signs of gum disease such as bone loss, puffy gums, or tartar build-up. The gum exam allows us to determine the type of cleaning that is needed for your teeth and gums.  

Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna, GA will also discuss any dental concerns with you. He will then perform an oral cancer screening, checking your neck and mouth for any abnormal areas. Lastly, he will check each tooth for any problems, such as cavities or fractures.  

We’ll review your treatment plan with you, including an estimate of costs before starting any treatment.  

For Patients Coming for an Emergency Visit

Dr. Hosaka or Chandler, the dental assistant, will ask you about the main concern and do their best to make you more comfortable as soon as possible.  

We will typically take an x-ray of the problem area to help Dr. Hosaka diagnose the problem.  

Once Dr. Hosaka can make an accurate diagnosis, he can talk to you about your treatment options.  

We’ll give you an estimate of costs before starting treatment. In many cases, we are able to do treatment on the same day as the visit.