Tooth Extractions & Implants in Smyrna, GA

We can get you in quickly for a tooth extraction at Hosaka Family Dental in Smyrna, GA.

Dr. Hosaka wants to help you consider every option available to save a tooth. When all options have been explored, he can help you with a tooth extraction in Smyrna, GA. 

Dr. Hosaka is skilled at doing comfortable tooth extractions. Like other dental treatment procedures, the tooth that needs to be extracted will be numbed with a strong anesthetic before the procedure. The tooth will then be carefully removed. Older woman smiling l Cosmetic dentist Smyrna, GA

Reasons a tooth may need to be extracted:

  • Tooth has broken down to the gum
  • Tooth is loose or infected
  • Tooth needs to be removed to make room for braces treatment

Bone Grafting Can Preserve and Prepare for a Dental Implant

In many cases, after a tooth extraction, Dr. Hosaka recommends a bone grafting procedure. When a tooth is removed, there is a hole left behind. This hole will slowly fill in, but the bone and gum covering the hole can shrink significantly during the healing process. This may make it difficult to replace the missing tooth in the future. 

In order to best preserve the bone space, Dr. Hosaka can place specially prepared sterile bone mineral chips into the hole. The body will use this material as a base to start the healing of the area, better preserving the bone and gum tissue.

Dr. Ryo, your dentist in Smyrna, GA can discuss with your options for replacing the lost tooth, so you can keep smiling.  

What’s the Best Way to Replace a Tooth?

Younger man smiling with facial hair l Dental implants smyrna ga One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is with dental implants in Smyrna, GA. 

Natural teeth are anchored in your jawbone. If a tooth has been lost, it can be replaced by placing a titanium root post where the former tooth used to be. Your body heals around the root post and anchors the implant permanently into place, much like a tooth. 

After the healing process is successful, a new chewing part of the tooth called the crown can be attached to the dental implant with the help of a connecting piece called an abutment. 

The result is a virtually brand-new tooth to replace your missing tooth. The appearance is almost identical to a natural tooth. It will function just like a natural tooth. Multiple implants can be used when several teeth are missing. A big advantage of dental implants is that they do not get tooth decay like a natural tooth. 

Your dentist in Smyrna, GA can help you with the dental implant process so you can restore your mouth back to whole again. Call us at Hosaka Family Dental and speak with Miki or Ana, our patient care coordinators.