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Some of the procedures that we offer include:

    • Routine check-ups and dental cleanings
    • Deep cleanings for gum disease
    • Fillings
    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Dentures
    • Partial dentures
    • Extractions
    • Root canal treatment

    Dr. Ryo Hosaka is committed to honest and minimally invasive dentistry as the core principle of his dentistry.

    All Services

    Welcome to Hosaka Family Dental in Northwest Atlanta

    Welcome to Hosaka Family Dental, your neighborhood dentist in Smyrna, GA—owned and operated by Dr. Ryo Hosaka. In our dental office, we treat patients of all ages and offer the latest treatments—everything from general and preventive dentistry to cosmetic therapy and tooth replacement.

    Dr. Hosaka (pronounced like the city Osaka, with an “H” in front) is continuing dental care for the patients of Dr. Michael Haley, who has retired. And we are proud to continue the innovative dentistry that has been synonymous with this practice for four decades.

    After having been in existence for more than 40 years, the dental practice has a long history of serving the residents of Smyrna and the surrounding communities of Marietta, Vinings, Cumberland, and Mableton.

    And Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna, can’t wait to welcome you. Get in touch with our dental office today to schedule your dental checkup.

    Meanwhile, read through the headlines below to learn more about our dental practice and our philosophies. If you have additional questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you.

    Our Goal Is to Provide the Most Comfortable Dental Care for You and Your Family

    We respect and understand that dental visits can be difficult for some of our patients, but you can relax knowing that Dr. Hosaka is highly experienced in taking care of patients who may have had stressful or fearful dental experiences in the past. 

    Our goal is to create a safe, “dental home” for our patients, so we strive to provide all dental services in the most comfortable manner possible.

    Some of our comfort amenities include televisions in every room for your relaxation and nitrous oxide for your comfort.

    Nitrous oxide is a safe gas for all ages. We use it to promote feelings of ease and detachment, which allows anxious patients to get the treatments they want and need without concern. Because nitrous oxide wears off immediately, adults are safe to drive themselves home after their dental appointment.

    If you have a specific fear, or if there is anything we can do to create a more relaxing environment for you, we encourage you to chat with your dentist or a team member. We want you to feel at ease with us.

    Our Preventive and General Dentistry Services


    Whether you’re looking for a dental checkup or a professional dental cleaning in Smyrna, GA, we are here for you.

    Your dentist recommends two or more dental exams and teeth cleanings per year, based on the state of your oral health. And the American Dental Association agrees with this schedule for lowering dental health risks like cavities and periodontal disease.

    Your preventive checkup and periodic x-rays spot oral health problems before they take hold. Your checkup also includes an oral cancer screening and a chat with your dentist to share any findings and address your concerns.

    Besides excellent in-office care, we encourage our patients to brush and floss regularly between dental checkups.


    Our general dentistry includes the services you need to restore oral health. This can mean a dental filling, tooth replacement—dental implants, dental bridges, and more—or root canal therapy in GA. We also offer periodontal treatment and gentle extractions when needed.

    In other words, it is through general dentistry that your dentist treats oral health conditions.

    Quality Children’s Dentistry in Smyrna, GA  

    If you notice your toddler’s first tooth erupting, we recommend contacting our dental office to schedule your child’s first dental examination. This timeframe allows your child’s dentist to assess the development of the tooth and see that other teeth are gearing up to come in correctly.

    The dentist will also look at tongue placement and make sure there are no underlying issues with jaw alignment.

    Of course, we take our time with children to get them accustomed to our office and dental our team.

    As time goes by, however, and your child ages, we introduce new services like digital x-rays, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants.

    Our Advanced Cosmetic Treatments

    Our cosmetic dentistry in Smyrna concentrates on the look and function of your smile.

    We offer dental veneers to conceal slightly crooked teeth, discoloration, height issues, gaps between teeth, and gum to tooth ratio. Celebrities often wear dental veneers!

    Professional teeth whitening is an excellent way to improve your smile with a noninvasive treatment dramatically. Our system lifts away stubborn brown stain and lightens the yellow just in time for your next major event.

    We also offer tooth-colored restorations—fillings, crowns, and tooth bonding—the latter conceals tooth flaws inexpensively.

    Your dentist can combine therapies to help you achieve your smile goals.

    Your Convenience and Peace-of-Mind Are Our Focus and Our Mission

    Here are some of the things you can rely on when you choose Hosaka Family Dental for your care:

    • Consistency: The one and only dentist that you’ll see regularly is Dr. Hosaka, and we hope that you’ll get to know our team members when you come for your regular visits. Like any field of medicine, we can use different procedures and treatment sequences to get a similar result. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion and frustration for patients when they see different healthcare providers at each visit. At our office, Dr. Hosaka is the sole dentist, and he is supported by two gentle and caring dental hygienists, Julie and Kathy, who have been with the office for many years. Dr. Hosaka’s wife, Miki, is the business manager and main receptionist that takes care of your appointment and financial needs at the front desk.
    • Minimally invasive treatment: Dr. Hosaka is a conservative dentist who strives to do the least amount of treatment to achieve optimal dental health. He wants all his patients to understand their dental conditions and treatment options, so he spends a lot of his time educating them. Whenever possible, he shows patients their x-rays and color photos of problem areas that are viewable on the screen while he explains the recommended dental treatment.
    • Excellent communication: We want to make it easy for our patients to contact us when they need us. That’s why we have a dedicated texting line that you can utilize straight from your phone. You can make appointments or ask questions easily without ever making a phone call. If you need to speak to Dr. Hosaka directly, he is happy to chat with you.
    • Minimize surprises: We only want to surprise you with good things. One unwelcome surprise in particular that we want to minimize is your bill after your dental treatment. We do our best to give you an accurate treatment estimate before doing any dental treatment to avoid financial surprises.

    Contact Your Dentist in 30080 to Join Our Dental Family

    We would love to get to know you and have you be a part of our dental family. We invite you to call, text, or email your Smyrna dentist today to schedule your next dental appointment. See you soon!

    We treat patients and families in Smyrna, Marietta, Vinings, Cumberland, Mableton, and all surrounding and outlying locations.

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