Prevent Bad Breath in Smyrna, GA

Dr. Ryo Hosaka, your family dentist in Smyrna, GA can help you identify and solve frustrating and embarrassing cases of bad breath.woman putting hand over her mouth l dentist 30080

Many patients come to see Dr. Hosaka after they or their significant other has noticed chronic or occasional bad breath. Some patients notice it after eating, or while flossing and brushing; other patients may notice a constant odor. Dr. Hosaka takes this complaint seriously because bad breath may be caused by a variety of different sources.

Bad breath can also be a warning sign that may be related to problems that can lead to pain or tooth loss.

What Are Some Common Dental Related Causes of Bad Breath?

Tooth Decay

A cavity or tooth decay is an area of the tooth that is decaying or rotting. Just like other rotting materials, tooth decay has a bad odor.

There are germs that live with us in our bodies, including in our mouth. These germs eat the carbohydrates (sugars and starches) that we eat, and they make acid as a waste product. The acids in our mouth melt away at the minerals and enamel that make up our teeth.

If acid change happens often, especially in areas of our teeth that can be harder to keep clean such as the chewing surface of a tooth, or in between teeth, the impacted area of the tooth can become softened and decayed. If the decay becomes big enough, it may turn into a hole that traps food and germs and causes bad breath.

Gum Disease

Gum disease usually does not cause any pain initially, but it can cause bad breath due to a buildup of germs around the teeth and gums.

Inadequate flossing and brushing can lead to plaque buildup around the teeth. Plaque is the fuzzy, yellow and white soft buildup that gathers on your teeth daily. It is full of germs and food residue. The goal of proper oral hygiene is to clean away the plaque daily with flossing and brushing.

If the plaque is not removed adequately, it can harden into tartar. Tartar is the hard, stone-like mineral deposits that grow around the teeth.

Tartar attaches strongly onto your teeth and cannot be easily removed with flossing or brushing. It is like a wood splinter that you might get on your finger, causing redness, irritation, and swelling.

The tartar acts as a home for even more germs, which causes bleeding gums and bad breath.

woman sitting in dental exam chair smiling l dental cleanings smyrna gaTooth Infections or Abscess

Infected teeth may become filled with pus, which is full of germs and dead cells from the body.

If you have an infected tooth, you may notice bad breath as well as occasional bad taste in your mouth.

Dr. Hosaka identifies problem areas with a thorough visual and clinical exam using high power magnifying loupes (eyeglasses) and digital x-rays. He’ll show you these areas with a photo if possible and recommend the best way to fix the problem.

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