Root Canal Therapy in Smyrna, GA

Dr. Ryo Hosaka at Hosaka Family Dental in 30080 can get you out of pain.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy in Smyrna, GA can help teeth that are painful or sensitive, making it difficult for you to chew your foods, concentrate on work, and to enjoy your daily life. interior view of root canal l root canal therapy Smyrna GA

The root canal is a space inside the tooth at the center. Deep cavities or breaks in the tooth that reach the root canal area may lead to an infection in the tooth. When a tooth becomes infected, there can be severe pain or sensitivity to cold or hot foods. 

Root canal therapy is a filling done in the canal space to remove the infection, giving the body the opportunity to heal. The root canal therapy allows you to save the tooth. 

Signs that a tooth may need a root canal treatment:

  • Toothaches suddenly, especially if it wakes you up at night.
  • A tooth that feels painful with cold or hot foods and the tooth stays painful for a while.
  • Tooth has a pus pocket that looks like a pimple near the gums.

Is Root Canal Treatment in Smyrna, GA Going to Hurt?

Dr. Hosaka understands that many patients may become anxious hearing about root canals. The truth is that just like any other procedure that involves treating a tooth, powerful numbing medicine will be used to make the tooth fall asleep before any treatment is started. 

Once the tooth is numb and the initial shaping of the tooth is completed to gain access into the root canal space, the procedure itself is pretty calm. In fact, Dr. Hosaka sees more patients fall asleep during a root canal procedure compared to any other procedure. 

Do Teeth That Get Root Canals Have to Be Pulled Eventually?

Young man smiling in dental chair l root canal treatment smyrna gaAnother common concern that patients have is whether a tooth that gets a root canal treatment will have problems and eventually be lost. 

Typically, a tooth that needs a root canal treatment has been fixed one or more times in the past or has had a significant problem such as a fracture or large cavity. The root canal treatment allows us to save a tooth one last time before we have to give up on a tooth. So, the tooth is already starting off in a compromised state. 

The tooth typical does not go bad because it has had a root canal treatment. It may eventually go bad because it was already a weak tooth to begin with.

Most teeth that get the root canal treatment need dental crowns to protect the tooth from breakage and to seal off the root canal area from reinfection. Not getting a crown placed on the tooth after treatment is done is one major reason the treatment may fail, and the tooth is lost.

The success rate of root canal treatment is known to be over 90 percent. 

Imagine all that pain and discomfort that you’ve been bearing with, going away. Dr. Hosaka can help you. Call us to schedule your dental appointment and speak with Miki or Ana, our patient care coordinators.