Teeth Cleanings in Smyrna GA

woman smiling in dental exam chair l dentist 30080Prevention is one of our primary goals at Hosaka Family Dental in Smyrna, GA.

Everyone needs regular professional teeth cleanings and checkups to maintain their oral health. Not only do regular teeth cleanings and checkups help you maintain dental health, but they also help you protect your overall health and well-being.

Preventive appointments every six months allow Dr. Hosaka to detect many concerns like tooth decay and gum disease early on before they become more significant problems.

What Happens During My Preventive Checkup and Teeth Cleaning in Smyrna?

Germ buildup in the form of plaque (the soft mushy film that can be brushed and flossed away) and tartar (the hard, stone-like deposits that are strongly attached to the teeth) can buildup up over time. Regular brushing and flossing help minimize these deposits, but some areas can be difficult to keep clean without the help of the dentist or hygienist. 

At the same appointment as your dental cleaning, Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna, GA performs an oral cancer screening and thorough examination. As part of the oral cancer screening, he checks for lumps, growths, and other abnormal findings in your oral cavity. With the help of digital x-rays and high-powered magnifying glasses called loupes, he examines each tooth and gum area to check for problems such as cavities, fractures, or gum disease. 

If a concern is found, Dr. Hosaka will review with you what needs to be done and how to avoid the problem again in the future. This may include advice on oral hygiene instructions or a discussion about nutrition and your diet to minimize the risk of getting cavities.

Why Are Teeth Cleanings Important?close up of person flossing teeth l dentist smyrna ga

Believe it or not, visiting your Smyrna dentist every six months for checkups and teeth cleanings can actually save you time in the dental chair and money in the long term. Here’s how.

Professional teeth cleanings remove the plaque buildup that causes problems like gum disease and tooth decay. With regular cleanings, you may be able to avoid getting cavities or gum infections.

Regular examinations with Dr. Hosaka make you aware of problems early. This allows you to take the steps needed to treat or even reverse your symptoms in some cases. Remember, the more significant the dental issues are, the more costly they might be to treat.

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The good news is that most dental insurances cover most, if not all, of the cost of preventive dentistry. This means that there may be a minimal out-of-pocket cost for you to visit your dentist every six months if you have dental insurance.

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