Children's Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

We love getting to know the families in our community! Our entire staff enjoys taking care of both children and adults. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your child for their first dental checkup once their first tooth appears in the mouth. 

Our primary goal for the first few visits is to have your son or daughter feel comfortable and at ease with their children's dentist in SmyrnaGroup of children playing outside l Children's Dentistry Smyrna, GA

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Our motto at Hosaka Family Dental is tell-show-do because we want to make your little one's first visits to their dentist as positive and upbeat as possible.

Using this method, your kid's dentist in Smyrna slowly introduces each action to your child. This means that Dr. Hosaka and his team will describe in child-friendly language what they're going to do during the cleaning or exam. They'll let your little one see the instruments they're going to use, and once your child is comfortable and ready, they'll gently do the treatment.  

We spend a lot of time building rapport with your son or daughter during their first dental visit and helping them feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair. Our promise to you is that we'll never move forward with any treatment they're not completely comfortable with.

Ongoing Dental Care for Children

Did you know that your son or daughter should visit their children's dentist in Smyrna every six months? At Hosaka Family Dental, we can take care of cleanings, exams, and fix cavities for children, just like we do for adults.

Here is a walkthrough of a typical preventive dental visit for your child:

  1. Pick out a fun video for your child to watch on our in-room TV. 
  2. Wear some cool sunglasses for eye protection. 
  3. Gently clean and polish their teeth using a toothbrush or soft rubber cup. 
  4. Take two x-rays (for older children) if your child can comfortably do them, which is typically done once per year. 
  5. Dr. Hosaka does a "tooth counting" exam and checks for any wiggly teeth. He checks for cavities, makes sure teeth are erupting as scheduled for your child's age, checks general alignment and other developmental milestones, and determines the need for braces. 
  6. Dr. Hosaka discusses any concerns with parents and discusses diet to minimize cavity risk if needed.
  7. Your child gets a big high-five and picks out a toy from our treasure box.

Young girl smiling laying on grass l dental exams smyrna gaIf your child needs a dental filling and feels anxious about it, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available as a safe, short-acting calming treatment aid. The gas is delivered through a soft nosepiece that comfortably fits over your child's nose. Dr. Hosaka treats many children with cavities while we use the nitrous gas, play a fun video on TV, and let your child relax during the procedure. 

For more complicated dental concerns, Dr. Hosaka may refer your little one to a pediatric dental specialist who is equipped to treat young patients under mild sedation if necessary.

 Is It Time for Your Child's Next Dental Appointment?

Hosaka Family Dental makes getting the high-quality family dentistry in Smyrna, GA your family needs simple and convenient. We would love to meet your child! Give us a call today at (770) 435-3100 to schedule their next appointment.