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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we help you?

At Hosaka Family Dental, your Smyrna, GA dental office, we focus on patient education. We would love to answer any questions that you may have about your dental visits. 

Dr. Hosaka spends a large part of his day at our office educating patients about their oral health. Please take a look at some of our frequently asked dental questions.  

If you would like to know more about these topics or any topics not discussed in our FAQ, please feel free to call, text, or email our office.  


man sitting in dental exam chair smiling l dentist smyrna gaDr. Hosaka understands that sometimes, dental treatment can be daunting. He has helped many patients who have had bad experiences at the dentist in the past. Most notably, he has helped a big burly gentleman who had avoided going to the dentist for almost 40 years due to a bad dental experience he had when he was in the military! Now he is a regular patient who has had treatments like extractions, deep cleanings, and crowns without trouble. 

What Will My First Dental Appointment Be Like at Hosaka Family Dental?

Dr. Hosaka will tailor your dental visit to your needs to make sure that you are comfortable. Typically, he will do a lot of explaining and show-and-tell. He will take a gentle step-by-step approach, explaining and showing you what is going to happen before doing that step of the procedure. 
We have a big screen tv set up in each dental treatment room where you can learn details about your oral health and dental treatments that we recommend. During your dental treatment, we can play your favorite music, TV show, or movie to help you relax.

Does Hosaka Family Dental Utilize Nitrous Oxide Gas?

We have nitrous oxide gas (also called laughing gas) available for our patients who would like to be extra relaxed during their dental care. Nitrous gas is an odorless gas that is inhaled through a soft nasal mask. It works quickly to give you a relaxed floaty feeling. After treatment is finished, the gas is turned off, and it leaves your body in a few minutes. 

You will feel perfectly normal and are able to drive home.

Contact Our Dental Office in Smyrna To Learn More

If your tooth needs to be numbed for your dental procedure, Dr. Hosaka can use an extra-strength numbing gel on your gums before putting in the anesthetic. This has helped many of our patients. When you are ready to experience dental care you can count on, contact our Smyrna, GA dental office today!

dental insurance files l dentist in smyrna gaWe try and make dental treatment as affordable as possible at Hosaka Family Dental. We are able to accept most PPO type dental insurances. A PPO type of insurance allows you to choose your dentist. We will file the claims for you.

Discover Affordable Dental Care in Smyrna, GA

We are not able to accept Medicaid or HMO type insurances. For these insurances, your dental plan will typically assign a specific dentist for you.

To make dental treatment affordable for our patients, we are in-network with many of the PPO dental insurance plans, including plans from:

Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, GEHA, Guardian, Humana, Kaiser, MetLife, United Concordia, plus many others.

Since there are thousands of different insurance plans, including several variations of plans under the same company, please email or call us with your plan so we can check your plan.

Call Your Dentist In 30080 To Learn More

Please help us verify your insurance quickly and accurately by having some information ready when you call Hosaka Family Dental. This will usually be listed on your dental insurance card. Please double check to make that the card is for your dental insurance. Your company may use two different companies for medical and dental.

  • Insurance plan name
  • Plan Group number
  • Plan ID number (If you don’t have any ID number it may be your social #)
  • If the insurance is under your spouse or parent’s name, their information

Here is a walkthrough of a typical appointment for a new patient family outside smiling l dentist smyrna gaat Hosaka Family Dental, your dental office for family dentistry in Smyrna, GA.

After speaking to you about any dental concerns and consulting Dr. Hosaka, Kathy or Julie (our awesome hygienists) will usually start by taking your dental x-rays. The x-rays help us detect problems early and help us see areas that we can’t check visually. 

Experience Comprehensive Dental Care in Smyrna, GA

When you sit down in our dental chair, you’ll see that we have a big screen tv set up right in front of you. We’ll review any x-rays or photos that we take of your mouth on the TV.  

An important part of your initial exam is to check for any signs of gum disease. Your gums are the foundation of your mouth; the gums and the jaw bone underneath anchor the teeth in place. We’ll measure the small areas at the gum line, called gum pockets, to check for any signs of gum disease such as bone loss, puffy gums, or tartar build-up. The gum exam allows us to determine the type of cleaning that is needed for your teeth and gums.  

The hygienist will do the dental cleaning in Smyrna. Depending on the condition of the gums and the type of cleaning needed, the cleaning might require multiple sessions. 

Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna, GA, will also discuss any dental concerns with you. He will then perform an oral cancer screening, checking your neck and mouth for any abnormal areas. Lastly, he will check each tooth for any problems, such as cavities or breaks in teeth.  

We’ll review your treatment plan with you, including an estimate of costs if any treatment is needed.

Call Hosaka Family Dental To Schedule Your First Visit

Please give us a call or text to set up dental exams and cleanings here in Smyrna, GA


Our dental office in Smyrna, GA is owned and operated by Dr. Ryo Hosaka. His older woman & young woman hugging l dentist 30080wife, Miki, helps patients coordinate their dental appointments and dental check insurance. We are a family business in working for the local community, not a dental chain. 

When you come in for your dental visits, you will always see Dr. Hosaka. He is the only dentist who will take care of you at Hosaka Family Dental. Dr. Hosaka does not own any other dental offices or businesses. He directs all of his working energy toward his dental office. 

Hosaka Family Dental: Dental Care You Can Count On

He focuses on making Hosaka Family Dental a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and strives to be your dentist for life. As part of that theme, we have strived to keep a small staff count that has been with the office for many years, so that you can get to know each of us. Please take a look at our staff biography page to learn more about Dr. Hosaka, Miki, Ana, Chandler, Kathy, and Julie. 

If you haven’t already, take a photo tour of our  dental office. We are in a stand-alone building near downtown Smyrna, with a dedicated parking lot just for our patients. 

Call Our Dental Office In Smyrna, GA To Learn More

If you ever need to speak to Dr. Hosaka for anything related to your dental visits, he will be there for you. Please call our Smyrna, GA dental office to get to know us at your next dental visit. 

Children's Dentistry

Yes! We see patients from all age groups so that everyone in the family is able to be seen by Dr. Hosaka and get their teeth cleaned by Kathy and Julie, our hygienists.kids playing on swing set l dentist smyrna ga

There is no minimum age that our patients have to be. Dr. Hosaka is very patient and understands that a dental visit can be difficult for young patients, so he likes to talk through and explain everything he is doing to help his patients feel comfortable.

What To Expect From Your Family Dentist In Smyrna, GA

Here is a walkthrough of a typical dental visit for your child:

  • Pick out a fun video for your child to watch on our in-room TV
  • Wear some cool sunglasses for eye protection
  • Gently clean and polish teeth using a toothbrush or soft rubber cup
  • Take two x-rays if your child can comfortably do them (Typically done once per year)
  • Dr. Hosaka does his “tooth counting” exam and checks for any wiggly teeth (Check for cavities, make sure teeth are erupting as scheduled for your child’s age, check general alignment and determine the need for braces)
  • Dr. Hosaka discusses with the parent any concerns as well as discusses diet to minimize cavity risk, if needed

Call Today To Book Your Child's Dental Appointment

The last step of the dental appointment is your child gets a big high-five and picks out a toy from our treasure box! Contact Hosaka Family Dental today to schedule your child's next dental appointment and experience dental care you can count on. 

Typically, children’s dentistry means any preventive measures or dental treatments performed on children younger than 14 or 16 years of age.

At Hosaka Family Dental, we believe in acclimating children early to the dental experience. This helps them feel comfortable with treatments early on, which may lower their risks for dental anxiety in adulthood.

Early dentistry means bringing your child to our dentist in Smyrna, GA around their first birthday. These initial appointments allow the dentist to see how teeth are erupting and monitor jaw health and development. We also use these early appointments to acquaint your child with the dental setting, establish a relationship with him or her, and make their dentistry a positive experience.

Additionally, we talk to you about all findings and provide tips and advice for at-home oral care, including brushing techniques and nutrition information. When your child is old enough to transition to independent brushing, we can help with that as well.

What Will My Child's Dental Exam Include?

Children’s dentistry in Smyrna, GA includes:

  • Dental checkups
  • Teeth cleanings (for older children)
  • Periodic x-rays
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants
  • General dentistry, including fillings

We also offer fun movies to watch during treatment and the chance to choose a prize from our treasure box after seeing the dentist.

Contact Us for Children’s Dentistry Near Me

We love helping children enjoy healthy smiles and look forward to meeting the family. Reach out today to get started.

At Hosaka Family Dental, we follow the guidelines of The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in recommending that you bring your child to our dental office for his or her first appointment when they receive their first tooth. 

Early dental visits are important because they give us the opportunity to get to know your child and their oral health needs. They also help your child develop a relationship with the dentist at a young age, which helps prevent dental anxiety from developing down the line. 

Your Child's First Dental Visit To Hosaka Family Dental

When you bring your child to his or her first dental visit, Dr. Hosaka’s goal will be to make the child as comfortable as possible in the dental office environment. Our entire team works wonderfully with young children, and we enjoy providing excellent dental care to your little ones.

We make every effort to make your child’s dental visits fun and exciting. We provide an in-room TV and allow children to pick out their favorite video to watch during their appointment, and they get to wear cool sunglasses during their dental visits. The sunglasses are both a fun distraction and offer eye protection. 

When your child finishes the dental appointment, he or she will get to pick out a toy from a treasure box, so we end the visit with a great, positive vibe. 

Learn About Children’s Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

If you’re looking for family dentistry in Smyrna or the surrounding area, Dr. Hosaka is an excellent choice. He is skilled in providing dental care to people of all ages, and he looks forward to meeting your family.

Reach out to our friendly, empathetic team now to schedule your child’s first dental appointment!

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Hosaka Family Dental, we think everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of – a smile that instills confidence. For this reason, our dentist offers cosmetic dentistry—everything from porcelain veneers to dental crowns in Smyrna, GA.

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies widely for several reasons, including:man with grey hair smiling l cosmetic dentistry smyrna ga

  • Number of treatments—A full smile makeover compared with a single cosmetic procedure.
  • Level of difficulty—Cosmetic dentistry that requires pretreatments or extensive aftercare.
  • Prosthetics or restorations—Outside lab fees, impressions, and other specific materials.

What Happens At My Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment?

Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist starts you with a consultation, including an exam, x-rays, and a chat about what you’re hoping to achieve with cosmetic dentistry. Based on consultation findings and your smile goals, your dentist will talk to you about costs.

If you’re considering multiple cosmetic treatments, your dentist can schedule procedures across a timeline that fits your budget and lifestyle.

At Hosaka Family Dental, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options, including treatments that fit most budgets.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Tooth replacement

Discover Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

We want to learn more about your smile goals and plan your cosmetic treatments to reach those objectives on a timeline that fits your budget. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, reach out to our dental office today.

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Do you dislike haviman smiling outside l cosmetic dentistry smyrna gang your photo taken because of your smile? With cosmetic dentistry, your dentist in Smyrna, GA can help improve your smile’s appearance, whether you have crooked teeth, discoloration, or other imperfections. 

We Offer Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry

At Hosaka Family Dental, we offer the following cosmetic dentistry services:

Teeth Whitening Treatments

You can quickly and easily create a brighter, stunning smile with teeth whitening treatments. You will enjoy a great fit from your customized teeth whitening trays, and Dr. Hosaka will oversee your entire treatment for the best results.

Cosmetic Bonding

With cosmetic bonding, Dr. Hosaka can repair your teeth with composite materials. The bonding materials blend in with your natural teeth, making the fixes flawless.

Porcelain Veneers and Dental Crowns

We can change the appearance of your smile with veneers or crowns, both of which cover tooth flaws. Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna can help you create a flawless smile with these cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Hosaka can help you replace unattractive metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings in our Smyrna dental office for a more pleasing appearance. 

If you have questions about any of our dental procedures, contact our team. We love explaining how our cosmetic dentistry procedures can revitalize your smile. 

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

In our Smyrna dentist office, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to meet our patients’ needs. We help people make new, aesthetically-pleasing smiles with cosmetic dentistry all the time, and we would love to help you.

Call our practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hosaka at Hosaka Family Dental.

Emergency Dental Care

cartoon image of tooth with emergency dental bag l dentist smyrna gaDr. Ryo Hosaka is the emergency dentist in Smyrna, GA that patients trust. This is because we leave time available in our daily schedule to accommodate emergency patients, often with same-day dental treatment. We're here for you when you need us most!

Discover Comprehensive Emergency Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

Some of the tooth emergencies we can help with are:

  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Dental pain or sensitivity
  • Dislodged or knocked-out teeth
  • Tooth abscesses or infections
  • Broken or lost restorations like dental crowns or fillings

Some of the emergency dentistry we're prepared to offer is:

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental implants

If you're unsure if your situation is a true dental emergency, we encourage you to contact Hosaka Family Dental at (770) 435-3100. Call us first before heading to the hospital because we can assess your condition over the phone, and in many cases, save you valuable time and money. Unfortunately, hospital emergency rooms are not as prepared for tooth emergencies as your dentist in 30080 is.

Don't Wait To Contact Hosaka Family Dental

Don't wait to contact Hosaka Family Dental if you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency. We're prepared to help you, and it could mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

When you have an oral health change, it is not always clear whether the situation is a dental emergency. For this reason, we encourage our patients to give us a call to discuss their symptoms. A team member can make the best determination—whether or not to see the dentist immediately or wait a few days. However, when if you’re in pain or your oral health is at risk, we want to see you as soon as possible.

Any number of situations can mean emergency dentistry in Smyrna, GA, and it’s impossible to consider them all. However, the most common dental emergencies that we see include:

  • Toothache
  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • Oral injury

In many cases, a toothache with jaw swelling means deep decay or root infection. A root infection requires root canal therapy in Smyrna, GA. This procedure finds our dentist numbing the treatment site and gently extracting the infected tissue from your tooth. We seal this with a healing agent and temporary tooth filling. At a later appointment, we close with a permanent filling or dental crown.

Sports-related injuries are also fairly common, which is why your Smyrna dentist recommends wearing a mouthguard if you compete.

Dental Emergency? We Are Here for You

If you have a dental emergency or if you’re unsure, talk to a member of our team today.

woman sitting in dental exam chair l dentist smyrna gaThey are an amazing technology that shows Dr. Hosaka what can be happening in between your teeth and under your gums that simply cannot be assessed by looking into your mouth. 

How Do Dental X-Rays At Hosaka Family Dental Work?

Many times, problems with teeth and gums are not visible just by visual exam, especially when problems are just starting. For example, small cavities that are growing in between teeth are usually undetectable without the use of x-rays to see these areas. By the time a cavity like this has grown large enough to see visually, a large portion of the tooth has decayed, and there may be breakage of the tooth. 

Without reviewing a good quality, full set of recent x-rays, we can only make an incomplete evaluation of your oral health. Dental practice standards require Dr. Hosaka and all dentists to complete a full exam with x-rays before doing routine cleanings. If emergency treatment is needed, we can focus on just the area that needs treatment.

Call Our Smyrna Dentist Office To Learn More

Our dental office uses digital x-rays that are safer and more efficient than traditional film x-rays. We also use a lead apron to protect the rest of your body, so the exposure to radiation is minimal. 

Dr. Hosaka will review your x-rays with you on the TV screen that is installed in each room. If you want to learn more about Hosaka Family Dental, contact our friendly dental office in Smyrna, GA to get your smile journey started.

Gum Disease Treatment

Dental cleanings are like regular maintenance for your tman sitting in dental exam chair l dental cleaning smyrna gaeeth and mouth. We’ll help you keep your oral health in optimal condition with dental cleanings and dental exams in Smyrna, GA

Most people develop plaque (the soft, mushy, grainy film) and tartar (the hard whitish, yellow or brown deposit) buildup on teeth even with regular homecare of brushing and flossing.

What Will Happen At My Dental Cleaning in Smyrna, GA?

Your hygienist will remove that buildup from your teeth during your cleaning and Dr. Hosaka will do a thorough oral cancer screening, and tooth and gum exam during your visit. They will help you identify ways you can improve your oral health by giving advice on brushing and flossing, as well as eating habits to reduce the risk of cavities.  

Regular cleaning appointments (typically every 6 months) are important because we can usually prevent or catch small problems with teeth and gums before they turn into bigger problems. Tooth decay starts out small and gradually grows bigger. Gum disease starts off with minor problems such as tartar buildup and bleeding gums. 

Germs found in the mouth can enter the body through the gums and travel through the blood and contribute to other medical problems. 

Contact Our Dental Office To Schedule Your Dental Cleaning

Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna, GA can help you maintain a healthy mouth, so schedule an appointment today.


family of four smiling l dentist 30080We will always try to find the soonest time that works for you. In many cases, we may have spots for same-day appointments at Hosaka Family Dental in Smyrna, GA.

What To Expect From Your First Dental Visit In Smyrna, GA

If you are a new patient to the practice looking to get a dental checkup and cleaning, we strive to complete all necessary new patient x-rays, exam, and cleaning at your first visit. These visits, including your cleaning, typically take about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. If there is any treatment that will be needed, Dr. Hosaka will discuss the treatment with you, and we will provide you an estimate of costs before any treatment is started. 

Due to the nature of a first visit being more detailed and taking longer than the six-months checkup, we encourage you to call the office at 770-435-3100 to see when our earliest availability will be.

If you have access to recent dental x-rays, please have your previous dentist send them to your personal email address. Then you can forward them to us. This is usually the easiest way for us to get your x-rays. Due to privacy laws, you may need to sign a form at your previous dentist, if we try to request your x-rays for you. 

Hosaka Family Dental Can Help Solve Your Dental Problems

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office at 770-435-3100 before noon to be seen for an exam the same day. 

We will do our best to fix your problem or make you more comfortable when you come in. We will focus on the problem area, doing an exam, and any x-rays needed to diagnose the problem. Dr. Hosaka will then let you know about your options and costs for your dental treatment. Many times we will have time to do treatment on the same day. Call your family dentist in Smyrna, GA today to experience the Hosaka Family Dental difference.

One of the best ways to protect your dental health andclose up of toothbrush l dental cleanings smyrna ga your overall health is to have consistent teeth cleanings and dental exams in Smyrna, GA every six months.

These visits help protect you from conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. Since science has shown a clear connection between gum disease and other non-dental conditions like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, these visits are also imperative for protecting your overall well being.

Start Your Routine Dental Cleanings in Smyrna

Your teeth cleaning with your hygienist removes hard-to-reach plaque and bacteria that you might've missed during your home care. Dr. Hosaka will also screen you for early signs of gum disease, which gives you a better chance of successfully treating and even reversing the condition in some cases.

Since our body's systems are interconnected, you can think of your mouth as the gateway to your body, which helps you understand how important it is to protect your dental health. Preventive dental visits are also an excellent way of protecting your teeth from the damage that tooth decay can cause.

Contact Hosaka Dental To Learn More

Most dental insurance plans cover some, if not all, of the cost of dental cleanings in Smyrna, GA. So, if it's time to schedule your next preventive appointment, don't wait to contact your dentist in 30080 today at (770) 435-3100.

woman sitting in dental exam chair l dentist smyrna gaThey are an amazing technology that shows Dr. Hosaka what can be happening in between your teeth and under your gums that simply cannot be assessed by looking into your mouth. 

How Do Dental X-Rays At Hosaka Family Dental Work?

Many times, problems with teeth and gums are not visible just by visual exam, especially when problems are just starting. For example, small cavities that are growing in between teeth are usually undetectable without the use of x-rays to see these areas. By the time a cavity like this has grown large enough to see visually, a large portion of the tooth has decayed, and there may be breakage of the tooth. 

Without reviewing a good quality, full set of recent x-rays, we can only make an incomplete evaluation of your oral health. Dental practice standards require Dr. Hosaka and all dentists to complete a full exam with x-rays before doing routine cleanings. If emergency treatment is needed, we can focus on just the area that needs treatment.

Call Our Smyrna Dentist Office To Learn More

Our dental office uses digital x-rays that are safer and more efficient than traditional film x-rays. We also use a lead apron to protect the rest of your body, so the exposure to radiation is minimal. 

Dr. Hosaka will review your x-rays with you on the TV screen that is installed in each room. If you want to learn more about Hosaka Family Dental, contact our friendly dental office in Smyrna, GA to get your smile journey started.

Root Canal Treatment

There is a common misconception that has developewoman in pain holding her jaw l root canal therapy smyrna gad over the years, and that is that root canal treatment is painful. Unfortunately, this often makes patients feel fearful about the procedure.

What Happens If I Don't Have My Root Canal Treated?

The truth about root canal therapy is that it actually alleviates pain and preserves your natural tooth, keeping it from being extracted. The real cause of your pain is the infection in your tooth that has reached your nerve.

A tooth infection happens when bacteria are allowed into your tooth through a crack or fracture or due to tooth decay, and it progresses into the nerve of your tooth. Tooth infections cause the kind of constant pain that gets your attention and keeps you up at night.

The good news is that modern dentistry has made great strides in making root canal treatment comfortable. Trusted root canal dentist in Smyrna, GA, Dr. Ryo Hosaka, takes measures to make you feel comfortable. He uses excellent dental anesthetics to ensure that you're completely numb during your procedure, and he offers dental sedation with nitrous oxide.

Contact Our Dental Office in Smyrna To Learn More

You can rest assured that if you need root canal treatment in Smyrna, Dr. Hosaka is the dentist in 30080 that patients trust. Contact Hosaka Family Dental today at (770) 435-3100 for more information about root canal therapy.


older man & woman taking a selfie l root canal therapy smyrna gaThe root canal area of a tooth is the hollow area inside a tooth that has the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth. A cavity starts on the outer layer of the tooth and gets deeper and larger over time. 

If left alone, the cavity and the germs inside the cavity can reach the root canal area, infecting the tooth. The tooth usually gets very sensitive or painful when this happens. 

Your Tooth Can Still Be Saved With Root Canal Therapy in Smyrna, GA

The good news is that many times, the tooth can still be saved. Dr. Hosaka can do a root canal therapy here in Smyrna, GA. Root canal therapy, also called root canal treatment is a procedure to remove the infection from inside the tooth. 

Once the infection is removed from the tooth, the mouth can heal and recover from the pain. 

A lot of people hear the words “root canal” and become anxious, but the truth is, root canal treatment is like doing a deep filling on the inside of the tooth. The tooth is thoroughly numbed before the procedure is started. Once the tooth is numb, the procedure feels similar to doing a filling for most patients. Some patients have even fallen asleep during the procedure. 

The germs and infected material are cleaned out of the tooth using different medicines and specialized instruments. Then a rubber-based filling material is used to fill in the disinfected root canal area. A filling and/or crown builds the tooth back up to its original structure. 

Call Your Dentist in Smyrna To Learn More

Hosaka Family Dental is your dentist in Smyrna, GA that can help you save a tooth with root canal treatment. We want to help you, so give our dental office a phone call today!


Tooth Extractions and Dental Implants

At Hosaka Family Dental, Dr. Hosaka treats all sorts of dental problemwoman receiving dental exam l tooth extractions smyrna gas. Sometimes advanced dental problems result in the need for a tooth extraction. We will do whatever we can to save a damaged or decayed tooth. However, sometimes there is no other option besides extraction.

How Does A Tooth Extraction Work?

When we remove a tooth in our Smyrna dental office, we will make the procedure as easy for you as possible. Tooth extraction is generally fairly quick, and we use a strong general anesthetic to make the procedure comfortable for patients. However, after your procedure, you will need to care for the area well.

In our dental office, we will provide aftercare instructions to make sure you heal promptly and correctly, including what foods are acceptable to eat after the procedure. 

Foods You Can Eat After a Tooth Extraction

For the first day after your tooth extraction in Smyrna, you should only eat soft foods and liquids. Broths and soups are great, healthy choices for many patients. However, the soup or broth should not be hot. Consuming hot foods or beverages after your extraction could irritate the area.

Applesauce, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and other soft foods are generally safe to eat as well. Basically, the best foods for your recovery are somewhat bland and cool in temperature.  

Foods You Should NOT Eat After a Tooth Extraction

Do not eat crunchy or hard foods after your tooth extraction. Also, avoid spicy or chewy foods and don’t drink alcoholic beverages. 

Discover Tooth Extractions in Smyrna, GA

As a dentist in 30080, we provide safe, comfortable tooth extractions for patients. Contact our friendly team today to schedule your appointment and improve your oral health.

Tooth Fillings


Tooth colored fillings are one of the most common procedures done at Hosaka Family Dental. Dr. Hosaka uses tooth colored fillings to repair teeth that have been broken down by cavities and breakage. The tooth colored filling is used to replace lost parts of the tooth. It allows the repair of teeth to their natural shape and color. 


Here is a walkthrough of a typical filling appointment, and the details of how a filling is placed.
Each of our dental treatments rooms is equipped with a big screen TV. We can play something on the TV so you can relax with a show or your favorite music. Once you are comfortable, we will start the tooth numbing process. Most teeth that need fillings are numbed for the procedure. These include teeth with cavities and teeth that needs fillings replaced. Teeth with small chips, like a front tooth that needs the biting edge repaired, usually do not need to be numbed. When a cavity or old filling needs to be removed from a tooth, the tooth can feel sensitive during the removal process, so local anesthetic is used to put the tooth to sleep during the procedure. 

Dr. Hosaka can verify that a tooth is numb by testing the tooth with a cold spray test. He will place a cold cotton swab on the tooth. If the tooth cannot feel any cold, it means that the tooth has become numb.

The dental assistant will place a topical numbing jelly near the tooth that needs work. This helps to numb the gum before a shot is used to place the numbing medicine. After the numbing starts to work, the tooth will not feel any sensitivity or pain during the procedure. While waiting for the numbing medicine to work, the shade of filling material to be used will be selected to match the tooth. Tooth colored filling material is available in a variety of different tooth colors. 

For most fillings, Dr. Hosaka uses a special suction device called a “dryshield” or “isolite” during the procedure. The device is a soft silicone wedge that is gently inserted in between the upper and lower teeth to help support the jaw during the procedure. This allows the patient to bite and rest on the wedge instead of straining to open during the entire procedure. The device also has a small flap to keep the tongue out of the way. The device connects to our suction line to suck away the water and debris inside the mouth. 

It is very important to keep the tooth dry while placing the filling. The tooth colored filling cannot be placed successfully if the tooth becomes wet with saliva. The suction device helps Dr. Hosaka work efficiently and achieve a good result. 

The tooth is then shaped to remove tooth decay or old filling material. During this part of the procedure, Dr. Hosaka concentrates on being minimally invasive, to preserve as much of the healthy tooth material as possible. Since the tooth is numb, the patient only feels vibration during the procedure, no sensitivity or pain.

Once the tooth is cleaned and shaped, Dr. Hosaka may place a shaping tool around the tooth to help him shape the filling material correctly. He then places a desensitizing medicine to soothe the tooth. After that, he places a special agent that prepares the tooth surface to accept the filling material. He uses a dental curing light to activate the material. The tooth colored filling is then placed and shaped to the correct contour to match the tooth. The material joins, or bonds to the tooth after it is activated by the curing light. 

The filling procedure is almost done after the filling is placed. Dr. Hosaka shapes and polishes the filling. He checks the tooth with floss and also checks the bite with a marking paper. Once the bite is correct, he will polish the tooth again.

He can then show you the awesome result!


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man smiling in dental exam chair l dentist in smyrna gaHave you ever had a tooth feel sensitive while eating? Sometimes teeth that have had fillings may feel sensitive to chewing pressure, cold or hot foods, and sweets. Dr. Ryo Hosaka at Hosaka Family Dental has treated many patients with sensitive teeth. 

Fillings are placed in teeth to repair areas of the tooth that have been lost to decay or breakage. The filling, both tooth colored and metal, rebuild the lost tooth areas and also seals the inner part of the tooth from food and germs. The inner part of the tooth, called the dentin, is more sensitive than the outer enamel layer of the tooth. When cold foods or sweets reaches the inner part of the tooth it can feel very sensitive. 

Common Causes Of Tooth Filling Sensitivity

One of the most common causes of tooth filling sensitivity is due to the seal between the filling and the tooth becoming compromised. Unfortunately, this seal usually does not last forever after a filling is placed. Once the seal is failing, foods and germs can seep into the space between the filling and tooth, causing sensitivity. If left alone, eventually new tooth decay may start. Most of the time, replacing the filling or protecting the entire tooth with a crown will reseal the tooth and allow you to chew eat without discomfort again.

Teeth that have very large filling replacing a majority of the tooth may become weak and start to develop cracks. Cracks will allow seepage of food and germs into the inner part of the tooth. These kinds of cracks are usually not easily visible but the result is consistently felt while eating. A cracked tooth is usually consistently sensitive to chewing and to having cold foods. If the crack gets very deep, it may reach the nerve at the center of the tooth causing aching and throbbing. 

It’s best to protect a cracking tooth as soon as possible to prevent injury to the tooth nerve or fracture of the tooth. A dental crown is the next step up from a filling. While the filling just patches the bad part of the tooth, a crown is a tooth-shaped covering that fits exactly onto the tooth, surrounding it from all sides to protect it. Once placed, the crown prevents the crack in the tooth from separating and getting deeper. Usually, this treatment will resolve the tooth sensitivity. 

Sometimes, a tooth that has gotten a new filling can feel sensitive. There can be several causes. 
The gums around the tooth can be irritated during the filling procedure, making the area feel tender. This tenderness usually goes away after a few days as the gum heals. 

Why Does A Tooth Need A Dental Filling?

The most common reason a tooth needs to get a filling is because of tooth decay. The decay is removed from the tooth during the procedure. The removal of decay, while necessary, can be irritating to the tooth, especially if the decay is deep, close to the nerve. A tooth can become sensitive after the filling procedure, even if the tooth felt normal before the filling was done. This sensitivity can last a days or weeks, and in more rare cases, several months. As long as the sensitivity is improving by day by day or week by week, this is a good sign.

Near the end of the filling procedure, the bite is checked to make sure the opposing tooth is not hitting hard on the new filling. Most of the time, the bite can be dialed in accurately, but sometimes, the patient may need to use the tooth and filling for a few days to see if it comfortable. If a new filling is high, it could make the tooth feel sensitive to chewing pressure or temperature. 

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If you have a tooth that has tooth decay or a broken area,middle-aged asian woman smiling l tooth colored fillings smyrna ga a dental filling can be used to repair the tooth. For many years, the main type of filling material used to fill teeth was a metal-based filling material called amalgam.  As dental techniques and technology have improved, tooth colored filling materials have become available. Dr. Hosaka mainly uses tooth colored fillings at Hosaka Family Dental. 

The most obvious advantage of tooth colored fillings is that they can be placed to look great, just like your natural tooth. Tooth colored filling material is available in many different tooth shades. Prior to starting the filling procedure, Dr. Hosaka will use a tooth shade guide to determine your tooth color and select the shade of filling material that best matches the tooth in need of repair. Sometimes, he will select several different shades to use in the same tooth to match the natural variation in color that teeth can have.  

After selecting the correct filling shade, the tooth needs to be shaped and the filling needs to be placed with great care and skill in order to achieve the optimal cosmetic results. The filling material needs to be shaped correctly and blended carefully with the natural tooth to achieve a seamless result. Dr. Hosaka has trained extensively during his dental education as well as throughout his career to improve his technique in placing tooth colored fillings.

Discover Naturally Beautiful Tooth-Colored Fillings in Smyrna, GA

Another reason Dr. Hosaka prefers to use tooth colored fillings, is that they allow him to be minimally invasive compared to metal fillings. There is usually less drilling on the tooth involved when placing tooth colored fillings, compared to metal fillings. Tooth colored fillings are also commonly called “bondings.” When the tooth colored filling is placed, different agents are placed on the tooth to allow the filling to bond, or join the tooth. Because of this special property, tooth colored filling can be placed and shaped in a way to minimize drilling of the tooth. A metal filling does not bond to the tooth. Instead, it is packed into a hole or recess in the tooth. It just sits in the tooth. Because of this, the tooth has to be drilled and shaped in a certain way, at the expense of healthy tooth material, before a metal filling can be placed. Metal fillings placed in teeth tend to be larger in area compared to tooth colored fillings. 
Both tooth colored fillings and metal fillings can last a long time if properly cared for. However, metal fillings can stain the tooth a greyish color over time. Since the metal filling is a dark grey color to begin with, teeth with metal fillings, especially teeth that show when smiling, can look discolored and dark. Tooth colored filling can allow the tooth to keep its natural white color. 

Most metal fillings placed today contain mercury, tin, silver, and copper. Although the Food and Drug Administration has deemed metal fillings to be safe, some people prefer not to have any metal components inside their mouth.

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