Dentures in Smyrna GA

Dr. Ryo Hosaka, your family dentist in Smyrna, GA can help you chew and smile better.

What Kinds of Dentures in Smyrna, GA Do You Offer?older couple smiling & hugging l dentures smyrna ga

Dentures and partial dentures are able to replace multiple teeth at the same time. Complete or full dentures replace all teeth of a jaw while partial dentures replace some of the missing teeth in a jaw. They are able to be removed from the mouth for regular cleaning.  

A complete denture rests on your gums and relies on suction created between the denture and gums. Sometimes adhesive is also used to increase the grip. 

A partial denture has acrylic or metal arms that hug the existing teeth to stay in place.

For both denture types, Dr. Ryo Hosaka can help you select from a variety of different shades of teeth. You can choose to match your current remaining teeth, or select a lighter shade, for an instantly brighter smile.  He will custom make the denture to fit your mouth exactly. 

For upper dentures, he pays particular attention to the upper lip, making the denture in such a way to subtly plump out the lip to give a more youthful appearance. 

Will My Dentures Look Natural at Hosaka Family Dental?

older women smiling drinking coffee l dentures smyrna gaDr. Hosaka is familiar with the different materials and designs that can be used for each unique situation. In particular, for removable partial dentures, sometimes metal is used in the appliance for strength, but flexible gum-colored material can also be used for the smile zone. The flexible material partial denture can be made without any metal. 

Before making a partial denture, we need to make sure the remaining teeth, especially the teeth that will help retain the denture, are strong enough. Dr. Hosaka can help you with a thorough tooth and gum exam to bring your oral health up to an optimal level.

I Need to Have a Front Tooth Removed; Will I Have to Go Without My Tooth?

Dr. Hosaka can prepare an immediate denture or immediate partial denture for you before you have your tooth removed. With an immediate denture, we will have the new denture with the replacement tooth or teeth already set in place before your tooth extraction appointment. 

As soon as you have your tooth removed, Dr. Hosaka can place the denture for you at the same appointment, giving you a new replacement tooth before you walk out the door. 

This can even be done if you need to have all remaining teeth removed on the upper or lower jaw. 

Call us at Hosaka Family Dental! We would love to help you replace your missing teeth.