Tooth-Colored Fillings in Smyrna, GA

Dr. Ryo Hosaka, your cosmetic and restorative dentist in Smyrna, GA can improve your smile and help you chew your foods better.

Dental fillings can fix small to medium areas of teeth that need repair. You may have dark stains or holes in teeth caused by tooth decay or missing tooth areas due to fracture. Dr. Hosaka excels at placing fillings in teeth to restore the shape and function of a tooth. 

Signs that a filling may be needed:

  • Stained areas
  • Holes in teeth
  • Cracked or missing pieces
  • Gaps around existing fillings

Will My Tooth-Colored Fillings in Smyrna, GA Look Natural?

close up of tooth-colored filling l dentist smyrna gaDr. Hosaka has extensive training and experience in placing natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings, especially for front teeth. Most times, cavities and fractures of teeth can be restored back to their original color and shape, to achieve a lifelike blend with the surrounding teeth.
He uses a variety of different colored filling material to closely match the surrounding tooth structure. Most patients prefer the natural look appearance of the white fillings compared to the “silver” colored metal fillings commonly used in the past. 

Dr. Hosaka is a conservative dentist, with a goal of preserving as much of the original structure of the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings are best suited for this goal because they are bonded to the existing tooth material. This allows Dr. Hosaka to minimize the shaping he needs to do on a tooth as opposed to a silver filling, which may require more shaping to create the correct shape to hold the filling.

I Hate How My Silver Fillings Look; Can You Change Them?

In most cases, a silver metal filling can be changed out to a tooth-colored filling. As a conservative dentist, Dr. Hosaka is very careful to minimize the shaping done on a tooth when replacing fillings. He uses a special suction tool during the procedure that helps to minimize the dust and debris created during the procedure.

Does Dr. Hosaka Do “Bonding” on Front Teeth to Enhance Their Shape or Color?

group of young friends taking a selfie l tooth-colored fillings smyrna gaTooth-colored fillings are sometimes called “bonding” because they are bonded to the tooth using a special process. Fillings can be used to reshape small teeth to make them look larger or make teeth that are too round, more natural-looking. In certain cases, Dr. Hosaka has also been able to close or lessen natural gaps in between teeth, almost like getting the instant results of braces treatment.

Dr. Hosaka would love to discuss your goals for your smile with you.

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