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What Are Dental Implants?

July 17, 2021
Posted By: Hosaka Family Dental
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Tooth loss can negatively impact your life, affecting the way you feel about yourself and your oral health. For these reasons, we offer tooth replacement options, including dental implants in Smyrna, GA.

Dental implants are the preferred tooth-replacement method of most dentists because they restore full tooth anatomy—from root to tooth.

Dental Implants with Your Dentist in Smyrna

Dental implants are artificial replacement roots made of durable titanium. These replacement roots integrate easily with bone over time to create a solid underpinning for new teeth or prosthetics—a few strategically placed dental implants can fix a denture to your jaw as well.

After your dentist in Smyrna, GA places your dental implants, an integration and healing period lasts several months. When integration is complete, we place your dental crowns (replacement tooth) or prosthetic.

This method restores your bite, your smile confidence and promotes better oral health from now on.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants mean an unrestricted diet. After tooth or prosthetic placement, you’re free to enjoy your favorite meals without worry.

Additionally, dental implants stimulate your jawbone to help prevent deterioration, which is a natural occurrence when teeth are missing. Jawbone shrinkage can cause oral health problems over time and give you a sunken or flat appearance around the lower face. And dental implants guard against tooth migration—teeth slipping toward smile openings and throwing off your bite alignment. Bite issues can cause tooth wear, cavities, and even future tooth loss.

With a new smile, you may also feel more confident, smile more, and give a great first impression.

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