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How do dental cleanings work at Hosaka Family Dental?

Dental cleanings are like regular maintenance for your tman sitting in dental exam chair l dental cleaning smyrna gaeeth and mouth. We’ll help you keep your oral health in optimal condition with dental cleanings and dental exams in Smyrna, GA

Most people develop plaque (the soft, mushy, grainy film) and tartar (the hard whitish, yellow or brown deposit) buildup on teeth even with regular homecare of brushing and flossing.

What Will Happen At My Dental Cleaning in Smyrna, GA?

Your hygienist will remove that buildup from your teeth during your cleaning and Dr. Hosaka will do a thorough oral cancer screening, and tooth and gum exam during your visit. They will help you identify ways you can improve your oral health by giving advice on brushing and flossing, as well as eating habits to reduce the risk of cavities.  

Regular cleaning appointments (typically every 6 months) are important because we can usually prevent or catch small problems with teeth and gums before they turn into bigger problems. Tooth decay starts out small and gradually grows bigger. Gum disease starts off with minor problems such as tartar buildup and bleeding gums. 

Germs found in the mouth can enter the body through the gums and travel through the blood and contribute to other medical problems. 

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