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What happens at my first dental visit?

Here is a walkthrough of a typical appointment for a new patient family outside smiling l dentist smyrna gaat Hosaka Family Dental, your dental office for family dentistry in Smyrna, GA.

After speaking to you about any dental concerns and consulting Dr. Hosaka, Kathy or Julie (our awesome hygienists) will usually start by taking your dental x-rays. The x-rays help us detect problems early and help us see areas that we can’t check visually. 

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When you sit down in our dental chair, you’ll see that we have a big screen tv set up right in front of you. We’ll review any x-rays or photos that we take of your mouth on the TV.  

An important part of your initial exam is to check for any signs of gum disease. Your gums are the foundation of your mouth; the gums and the jaw bone underneath anchor the teeth in place. We’ll measure the small areas at the gum line, called gum pockets, to check for any signs of gum disease such as bone loss, puffy gums, or tartar build-up. The gum exam allows us to determine the type of cleaning that is needed for your teeth and gums.  

The hygienist will do the dental cleaning in Smyrna. Depending on the condition of the gums and the type of cleaning needed, the cleaning might require multiple sessions. 

Dr. Hosaka, your dentist in Smyrna, GA, will also discuss any dental concerns with you. He will then perform an oral cancer screening, checking your neck and mouth for any abnormal areas. Lastly, he will check each tooth for any problems, such as cavities or breaks in teeth.  

We’ll review your treatment plan with you, including an estimate of costs if any treatment is needed.

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