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What is root canal therapy?

older man & woman taking a selfie l root canal therapy smyrna gaThe root canal area of a tooth is the hollow area inside a tooth that has the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth. A cavity starts on the outer layer of the tooth and gets deeper and larger over time. 

If left alone, the cavity and the germs inside the cavity can reach the root canal area, infecting the tooth. The tooth usually gets very sensitive or painful when this happens. 

Your Tooth Can Still Be Saved With Root Canal Therapy in Smyrna, GA

The good news is that many times, the tooth can still be saved. Dr. Hosaka can do a root canal therapy here in Smyrna, GA. Root canal therapy, also called root canal treatment is a procedure to remove the infection from inside the tooth. 

Once the infection is removed from the tooth, the mouth can heal and recover from the pain. 

A lot of people hear the words “root canal” and become anxious, but the truth is, root canal treatment is like doing a deep filling on the inside of the tooth. The tooth is thoroughly numbed before the procedure is started. Once the tooth is numb, the procedure feels similar to doing a filling for most patients. Some patients have even fallen asleep during the procedure. 

The germs and infected material are cleaned out of the tooth using different medicines and specialized instruments. Then a rubber-based filling material is used to fill in the disinfected root canal area. A filling and/or crown builds the tooth back up to its original structure. 

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