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How early can I be seen at Hosaka Family Dental in Smyrna, GA?

family of four smiling l dentist 30080We will always try to find the soonest time that works for you. In many cases, we may have spots for same-day appointments at Hosaka Family Dental in Smyrna, GA.

What To Expect From Your First Dental Visit In Smyrna, GA

If you are a new patient to the practice looking to get a dental checkup and cleaning, we strive to complete all necessary new patient x-rays, exam, and cleaning at your first visit. These visits, including your cleaning, typically take about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. If there is any treatment that will be needed, Dr. Hosaka will discuss the treatment with you, and we will provide you an estimate of costs before any treatment is started. 

Due to the nature of a first visit being more detailed and taking longer than the six-months checkup, we encourage you to call the office at 770-435-3100 to see when our earliest availability will be.

If you have access to recent dental x-rays, please have your previous dentist send them to your personal email address. Then you can forward them to us. This is usually the easiest way for us to get your x-rays. Due to privacy laws, you may need to sign a form at your previous dentist, if we try to request your x-rays for you. 

Hosaka Family Dental Can Help Solve Your Dental Problems

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office at 770-435-3100 before noon to be seen for an exam the same day. 

We will do our best to fix your problem or make you more comfortable when you come in. We will focus on the problem area, doing an exam, and any x-rays needed to diagnose the problem. Dr. Hosaka will then let you know about your options and costs for your dental treatment. Many times we will have time to do treatment on the same day. Call your family dentist in Smyrna, GA today to experience the Hosaka Family Dental difference.

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