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Why do I need x-rays?

woman sitting in dental exam chair l dentist smyrna gaThey are an amazing technology that shows Dr. Hosaka what can be happening in between your teeth and under your gums that simply cannot be assessed by looking into your mouth. 

How Do Dental X-Rays At Hosaka Family Dental Work?

Many times, problems with teeth and gums are not visible just by visual exam, especially when problems are just starting. For example, small cavities that are growing in between teeth are usually undetectable without the use of x-rays to see these areas. By the time a cavity like this has grown large enough to see visually, a large portion of the tooth has decayed, and there may be breakage of the tooth. 

Without reviewing a good quality, full set of recent x-rays, we can only make an incomplete evaluation of your oral health. Dental practice standards require Dr. Hosaka and all dentists to complete a full exam with x-rays before doing routine cleanings. If emergency treatment is needed, we can focus on just the area that needs treatment.

Call Our Smyrna Dentist Office To Learn More

Our dental office uses digital x-rays that are safer and more efficient than traditional film x-rays. We also use a lead apron to protect the rest of your body, so the exposure to radiation is minimal. 

Dr. Hosaka will review your x-rays with you on the TV screen that is installed in each room. If you want to learn more about Hosaka Family Dental, contact our friendly dental office in Smyrna, GA to get your smile journey started.

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