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What are the most common dental problems in children?

All children are different, but the most common oral health issue in the majority of children is tooth decay. This can result from too much sugary and acidic foods and drinks, including fruit juices and lackluster brushing.

Other common oral health issues in children include oral injury through play and orthodontic problems as adult teeth emerge.

Children’s Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

Our children’s dentist offers everything your child needs to realize a healthy smile. We also take measures to ensure smile health is maintained through ongoing prevention.

Prevention includes:

  • Twice-yearly dental checkups
  • Twice-yearly teeth cleanings when age-appropriate
  • Fluoride treatments as needed
  • Dental sealants as needed
  • Periodic x-rays

Children should visit the dentist every six months like adults for the best results. And your child’s dentist will talk to you about any specific concerns and can provide advice for at-home oral care, including how to clean a young child’s teeth.

We also teach children in transition how to brush and floss independently when the time comes.

Contact Our Children’s Dentist in Smyrna, GA

We like to see children when their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday. Contact a helpful dental team member today if you want to learn more or if you’re ready to arrange dental care for your child.

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