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Do you see kids?

Yes! We see patients from all age groups so that everyone in the family is able to be seen by Dr. Hosaka and get their teeth cleaned by Kathy and Julie, our hygienists.kids playing on swing set l dentist smyrna ga

There is no minimum age that our patients have to be. Dr. Hosaka is very patient and understands that a dental visit can be difficult for young patients, so he likes to talk through and explain everything he is doing to help his patients feel comfortable.

What To Expect From Your Family Dentist In Smyrna, GA

Here is a walkthrough of a typical dental visit for your child:

  • Pick out a fun video for your child to watch on our in-room TV
  • Wear some cool sunglasses for eye protection
  • Gently clean and polish teeth using a toothbrush or soft rubber cup
  • Take two x-rays if your child can comfortably do them (Typically done once per year)
  • Dr. Hosaka does his “tooth counting” exam and checks for any wiggly teeth (Check for cavities, make sure teeth are erupting as scheduled for your child’s age, check general alignment and determine the need for braces)
  • Dr. Hosaka discusses with the parent any concerns as well as discusses diet to minimize cavity risk, if needed

Call Today To Book Your Child's Dental Appointment

The last step of the dental appointment is your child gets a big high-five and picks out a toy from our treasure box! Contact Hosaka Family Dental today to schedule your child's next dental appointment and experience dental care you can count on. 

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